Europeans’ Support For Overseas Development Aid Dips But Still Viewed As ‘Major Priority,’ Survey Shows

Devex: Dip in Europeans’ support for development aid
“A clear majority of Europeans still think it is important to help lower-income countries, but public support slipped on a range of development issues in the past year, according to new data. A Eurobarometer survey of 27,464 people conducted in June and published Wednesday found that 73% think aid spending by the E.U. and its member states — amounting to €74.4 billion ($98 billion) last year — should either stay the same or increase, compared to 77% who held that view last year. In addition, 86% say it is important to help people in developing nations, down from 89% in the past three years…” (Chadwick, 10/23).

The Guardian: Two-thirds of British people see overseas aid as ‘a major priority’
“…The annual poll … canvassed views on migration, the private sector, and gender. It also asked what people thought should be the role of national governments and the E.U. in development. Claire Godfrey, interim director of policy, advocacy and research at Bond, the British network for organizations working in international development, said the survey was ‘incredibly timely’ as the U.K. government begins to redefine its role in a post-Brexit world…” (Lamble, 10/23).