European Health Forum Fellows Explore Role Of ‘Disruption’ In Improving Health Systems

BMJ Opinion: Disruption in healthcare: how can it improve population health?
Kendall Jamieson Gilmore, a HealthPros fellow based in Italy; Véronique Bos, a Health Pros fellow based in the Netherlands; and Margot Neveux, policy and projects coordinator at the World Obesity Federation, and all European Health Forum Young Gastein Scholars, explore the meaning of and need for “disruption” in health care systems. They conclude, “So what disruption would help with this? Building a hierarchy which better reflects the workforce and populations they serve would be a good start, and listening to a wider range of voices than the typical … sages. We often hear the leaders of innovation in healthcare criticize those who resist innovation in order to protect their jobs, but how often do we apply that critical eye to our own roles and responsibilities within the system?” (11/8).