Ethiopia’s Tedros Adhanom Has Potential, Ability To Transform WHO If Elected Next WHO Director General

The Guardian: The WHO failed on Ebola. With a future pandemic inevitable it needs reform
Andrew Mitchell, Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield

“…Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus … has the potential and the ability truly to transform the WHO. … The new WHO leader needs to have demonstrated clear success in building up access to health care in poor countries. Proven leadership in reforming important global agencies will be helpful and, crucially, the new leader will need political skills to bring together very different interest groups so that real change can be achieved. It is clearly Tedros who has the track record that we need. … To improve the health of the world we must bring primary health care to the most remote places. Tedros accomplished this for his country. … Tedros’s leadership style is also perfectly suited for this role. He is a decisive but humble man. His experience in successfully leading global health institutions is unmatched. … As I know at first-hand from working with Tedros, we now have the opportunity to select an extraordinary leader who has a proven track record of success in his own country and on the international stage” (4/27).