Essays Discuss Impact Of AIDS Epidemic On Global Health

The Conversation: AIDS global health series
The following two essays are part of a series written by Lawrence O. Gostin, professor of global health and director of the O’Neill Institute at Georgetown University.

The Conversation: The scientific journey of AIDS from despair to cautious hope
“…The very success of the AIDS movement has sparked a debate about the ethical allocation of scarce resources. … It requires agonizing decisions on how to allocate life-saving interventions. Who should receive treatment when all cannot access it? Should priority go to research, prevention, or treatment? And, ultimately, should AIDS receive a higher priority than other health threats? These are life-and-death questions for millions of people, and there is no consensus on the right answers…” (2/17).

The Conversation: How AIDS brought global health to the world political stage
“…Unquestionably, the AIDS movement has had dramatic success, which has redounded to the benefit of global health. … AIDS brought global health to the world political stage, raising consciousness about security, trade, intellectual property, and human need. In short, AIDS forever changed the way we think about health, culture, and politics” (2/18).