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Equal Focus On Treatment, Prevention Vital To Reducing HIV/AIDS Burden

The Lancet HIV: Is it time prevention had equal billing on the AIDS agenda?
Editorial Board

“…AIDS 2018 provides a forum for the HIV community to take stock. Before setting the agenda for the coming years — the next AIDS-free generation or 90-90-90 — an honest appraisal of the outcomes of these treatment-focused slogans should be made. Diagnosis and treatment are important, and for individuals living with HIV access to these is essential, but increasingly it seems clear that we will not treat ourselves out of the epidemic. Is it time for prevention to receive equal billing with treatment, both at the [International AIDS Conference] and in the program of work and advocacy that follows? In recent years, options for prevention have proliferated, but identification of people at risk, access to vulnerable populations, and access to appropriate combination prevention (behavioral, barrier, and pharmacological) lag behind. Stopping transmission is as crucial as starting treatment if the job is to be done” (July 2018).