Ending HIV, TB, Malaria By 2030 Requires Increased Investment, ‘Constantly Refined Approaches,’ Global Fund ED Says

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s “VOICES”: We Must Act Urgently to End HIV, TB and Malaria
Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands discusses results from the Global Fund’s recently released results report, writing, “To meet the Sustainable Development Goal of ending the [HIV, TB, and malaria] epidemics by 2030, we must act with urgency to surmount … challenges. The key is to reinvigorate the political commitment to mobilize more funding, international and domestic. We must constantly refine our approaches … We must renew our determination to address the gender and human rights barriers that fuel the epidemics. And we must recognize that the fight to end epidemics is an integral part of the journey toward universal health coverage, a fundamental building block of global health security and a crucial element of the overall sustainable development agenda” (9/18).