Ending Child Marriage Critical To Achieving Gender Equality SDG

The Hill: Want gender equality? Let’s start with ending child marriages
Megan E. Corrado, human rights attorney and director of advocacy at Women for Afghan Women

“…Child marriage is recognized as a human rights violation under international law because it adversely affects the rights of girls and women. It bars them from being able to consent to marriage, receive an education, have health care, and live without fear or exploitation. … Women’s full participation in decision-making and society is imperative to eliminating gender inequality, discrimination, violence, and poverty. Restricting child marriage is a critical first step to ensuring girls can continue their education, freely exercise their rights, effectively participate in political, social, and economic life, and enter the ‘GirlForce.’ Governments must both enact and enforce appropriate laws, devoid of discriminatory legal loopholes, to unleash the cultural change necessary to achieve the gender equality goal of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Agenda and give girls the opportunities they deserve” (10/12).