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‘End the Neglect’ Blog Reports On Panel Discussion At Social Good Summit

The Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases’ “End the Neglect” blog reflects on a panel discussion that took place at the Social Good Summit (SGS) in New York City on Monday, noting “the Global Network had a phenomenal opportunity to join innovative and inspiring leaders in technology, media and policy from all over the world to discuss how we can accelerate progress on development issues such as poverty, education, equal rights, girls and women, and climate change by 2030.” The blog states, “We were honored to be part of that fascinating conversation hosted by the 92 Street Y, Mashable, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, among others, by speaking on a panel, ‘Is shock value a way to spur social good?'” The presenters “shared how our END7 ‘Celebrity Shocker’ video relied on raw emotion, celebrity engagement, social media — and of course shock value — to catapult awareness for NTDs and prompt thousands of people to take action,” the blog states and discusses the event in detail (Elson, 9/24).