Elsevier Report Examines HIV/AIDS Research Publication Volume, Finds U.S. Top Producer

Elsevier: U.K. and South Africa are Chasing the U.S. in Run for Top Producer of HIV/AIDS Related Research, New Elsevier Report Finds
Elsevier released a new report examining the volume of HIV/AIDS research publications produced by countries. According to the report’s webpage, “The United States is the top producer of HIV/AIDS related research, followed by the U.K., South Africa, and China. In terms of the relative activity in HIV/AIDS research, output is highest in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria, reflecting the high priority of this research in countries where the disability-adjusted life years lost due to HIV/AIDS per 100,000 individuals is high, along with the strong research culture in these countries. International collaboration is a key feature: of the top 10 institutions that produce the most research on HIV/AIDS, more than half of the output involves international collaboration” (11/26).