Eli Lilly Announces $30M, Five-Year Commitment To Fight NCDs In Developing Countries

U.S.-based pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Company on Tuesday announced it will spend $30 million over five years to fight the rising burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in developing nations, the Indianapolis Star reports (Swiatek, 9/13). According to a Lilly press release, the company is launching the Lilly NCD Partnership “to identify new models of patient care that increase treatment access and improve outcomes for underserved people” (9/13).

“The company said it is forming partnerships with hospitals and health groups,” and programs being developed with these partners “will start in early 2012,” the Associated Press/Forbes writes, adding, “The first phase will focus on diabetes care in communities in India, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa” (9/13). “The company also is sponsoring a conference in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to discuss the treatment of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes,” the Indianapolis Star notes (9/13).