Economists Urge Global Policymakers To Prioritize ‘Pro-Poor Pathway’ To Achieve UHC

The Lancet: Economists’ declaration on universal health coverage
Lawrence H. Summers, professor at Harvard University, on behalf of 267 signatories

“With the U.N. set to launch the bold sustainable development agenda this autumn, this is a crucial moment for global leaders to reflect on the financial investments to maximize progress by 2030. As an input into deliberations around those investments, the signatories to this declaration, economists from 44 countries, call on global policymakers to prioritize a pro-poor pathway to universal health coverage (UHC) as an essential pillar of development. … Our global society has a vested interest in investing in health to transform lives and livelihoods. Health is essential to eradicating extreme poverty and promoting growth of wellbeing. … The success of the next development chapter hinges on the ability to actually deliver proven health solutions to the poorest and most marginalized populations…” (9/17).