Ebola Will Slow Economic Growth In West Africa, IMF Says

News outlets report on the potential impact Ebola will have on West African economies.

Agence France-Presse: IMF says Ebola will savage W. African economies
“The Ebola epidemic could slice more than three percentage points off economic growth in the worst-hit countries of West Africa, requiring hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid, the IMF said Thursday…” (9/11).

NPR: Fast-Moving Ebola Slows Down Liberia’s Economy
“Postwar Liberia had struggled back onto its feet in the past decade, after the civil war, and was just catching its collective breath when Ebola landed. One of the lasting effects of Ebola on the country is likely to be its impact on the economy…” (Quist-Arcton, 9/11).

Reuters: IMF says Ebola hits economic growth in West Africa
“Economic growth in Liberia and Sierra Leone could decline by almost 3.5 percentage points as the world’s worst outbreak of Ebola has crippled mining, agriculture, and services sectors in the two West African states, the IMF said on Thursday…” (Yukhananov, 9/11).

Washington Post: Ebola is ‘devouring everything in its path.’ Could it lead to Liberia’s collapse?
“With Ebola’s death toll surging and a top United Nations official declaring that ‘the rate of acceleration is now picking up dramatically,’ Liberian officials have been making dire pronouncements about the deepening crisis in their country…” (Ohlheiser, 9/11).