Ebola Epidemic Could Cause Food Crisis In West Africa, Experts Warn

News outlets report on the impact of the Ebola epidemic on food security in West Africa.

Associated Press: Ebola escalation could trigger major food crisis
“The global famine warning system is predicting a major food crisis if the Ebola outbreak continues to grow exponentially over the coming months, and the United Nations still hasn’t reached over 750,000 people in need of food in West Africa as prices spiral and farms are abandoned. On the eve of World Food Day on Thursday, U.N. agencies and non-governmental organizations are scrambling to scale up efforts to avert widespread hunger…” (Lederer, 10/16).

International Business Times: Ebola Outbreak 2014: An Impending Food Crisis Worries Officials
“The Ebola outbreak is causing a food crisis in West Africa. The virus has already killed more than 4,000 people and left local residents struggling to cope with food shortages and spiking prices…” (Caulderwood, 10/15).