Ebola Incidence May Be Leveling In Sierra Leone, Spreads Further Into Guinea, WHO Reports

CIDRAP: Ebola reach expands in Guinea; WHO vaccine experts to meet
“The Ebola situations in the three hardest-hit countries continue to reflect a mixed picture, with Guinea’s pattern fluctuating and the virus extending its reach, Sierra Leone’s incidence starting to level off, and Liberia’s cases sinking to low levels, the World Health Organization (WHO) said [Wednesday] in its weekly snapshot of the outbreak and response. In other developments, experts will meet at WHO headquarters in Geneva [Thursday] for the second time to discuss Ebola vaccine trials and a funding structure for an immunization campaign in the region, once vaccine is available…” (Schnerring, 1/7).

Reuters: Signs Ebola may be leveling off in Sierra Leone: WHO
“Sierra Leone, the country worst affected by Ebola, reported nearly 250 new confirmed cases in the past week but the spread of the virus there may be slowing, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday. The epidemic has taken 8,235 lives out of 20,747 known cases worldwide over the past year, it said. Overall, 838 health workers have been infected, killing 495 of them…” (Nebehay/Giahyue, 1/7).