Ebola Death Toll Rises To Nearly 2,300, WHO Says

News outlets report on WHO’s announcement Tuesday that Ebola has claimed nearly 2,300 lives.

Agence France-Presse: Ebola kills 2,300, nearly half of deaths in past 21 days: WHO
“The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has claimed nearly 2,300 lives, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, stressing that nearly half had died in less than a month…” (9/9).

Associated Press: With surge in Liberia, Ebola case toll above 4,200
“A surge in Ebola infections in Liberia is driving a spiraling outbreak in West Africa that is increasingly putting health workers at risk as they struggle to treat an overwhelming number of patients…” (DiLorenzo/Cheng, 9/9).

Reuters: Ebola death toll rises to at least 2,296: WHO
“The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in history has risen to at least 2,296 out of 4,293 cases in five West African countries, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday…” (9/9).