Ebola Co-Discoverer Peter Piot Discusses Current Epidemic

News outlets profile Peter Piot, the virologist who helped discover the Ebola virus, and highlight his thoughts on the current epidemic.

Financial Times: Peter Piot: Out to stop the Ebola virus he found
“…It was 1977, the year after a Belgian medical team led by the young microbiologist [Peter Piot] helped discover the virus behind a mystery illness that was killing hundreds of people in what was then Zaire. Some argued for a decisive international effort to diagnose patients and coordinate the kind of systematic response that could stop the disease in its tracks. Nearly four decades later, Prof Piot recalls sadly: ‘None of the recommendations were ever implemented. We have to avoid making the same mistake this time’…” (Cookson/Jack, 10/3).

The Guardian: ‘In 1976 I discovered Ebola — now I fear an unimaginable tragedy’
The Guardian interviews “Peter Piot [who] was a researcher at a lab in Antwerp when a pilot brought him a blood sample from a Belgian nun who had fallen mysteriously ill in Zaire…” (Von Bredow/Hackenbroch, 10/4).