E.U. Countries Should Honor Foreign Aid Spending Pledge, Recommit To 0.7% Target, E.U. Commissioner Says

EurActiv: Commission unveils its position on global development after 2015
“The European Commission published priorities for a sustainable development agenda on Thursday (5 February), ahead of negotiations for the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). … ‘The Commission wants the E.U. to continue to lead by example on official development assistance, so we propose a re-commitment of the 0.7 percent target as our political goal and leverage in the negotiations,’ the commissioner [for international cooperation and development] stated…” (Jacobsen, 2/5).

The Guardian: E.U. countries must honor foreign aid pledge, says commissioner
“…Neven Mimica, the E.U. commissioner for international cooperation and development, said that honoring the commitment on official development assistance (ODA) would enhance Europe’s global standing and help pressure other countries into accepting their financial responsibilities…” (Jones, 2/6).