Drowning Is ‘Serious And Neglected’ Global Health Threat, WHO Report Says

Media sources report on findings from a recently released WHO report on drowning.

U.N. News Centre: Drowning claims over 40 people every hour in ‘needless loss of life’ — U.N. report
“The first United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) report on drowning released [Monday] reveals that more than 370,000 people drown every year in bathtubs, buckets, ponds, rivers, ditches, and pools as people go about their daily lives in a ‘serious and neglected public health threat’…” (11/17).

WHO: WHO highlights devastating global impact of drowning
“WHO’s first ‘Global report on drowning: preventing a leading killer’ reveals that drowning claims the lives of 372,000 people each year and is among the 10 leading causes of death for children and young people in every region…” (11/17).