Documentary Film Examines Chagas Disease In Argentina

Al Jazeera’s “Witness” features a documentary film that examines Chagas disease, which “affects more than 15 million people worldwide, most of them in Latin America, and may kill as many as 50,000 each year,” the news service writes. Filmmaker Ricardo Preve, who grew up in Argentina, “decided to use my camera to present the daily lives of those who are suffering from the disease, and to speak to professionals, like Doctor Gustavo Farrugia, who dedicate their lives to fighting Chagas,” he writes. He continues, “Despite the logistical challenges of making this film, I soon learned that Chagas is not so much a medical problem, as a political and social issue. To me, Chagas is a symbolic manifestation of the level of abandonment and carelessness that governments around the world show to those who are poor.” However, “maybe the tide is turning,” Preve writes, adding, “Through making this documentary, I met many health workers, researchers, and social activists who supported me in the production of this film, sharing their experiences and knowledge in the hope that their support will raise awareness and ultimately help Chagas sufferers everywhere.” The 25-minute documentary is available online (4/16).