DKT International Leaders Discuss 8 Trends For Reproductive Health In 2020 In Devex Opinion Piece

Devex: Opinion: Predictions 2020 — what will shape reproductive health issues in the coming year?
Phil Harvey, founder of DKT International and chairman of the DKT board of directors, and Chris Purdy, president and CEO of DKT International

“…We predict the following eight issues and trends in the reproductive health space will impede and facilitate access to and use of contraceptives and safe abortion products and technology … [T]he importance of family planning extends beyond that of its health benefits — it is also critical in empowering women, encouraging self-care and personal responsibility, and improving overall quality of life. These developments will continue to impact women and couples around the world, not only in their ability to easily access contraceptives and health services, but also in the positive shift they create in turning a taboo conversation into a global imperative” (1/22).