Devex Examines 5 Takeaways From 2018 World Bank Meetings

Devex: 5 takeaways from the World Bank meetings in Bali
“Thousands of delegates and development professionals are on their way back home after a week of discussions about the future of human capital, climate change, infrastructure, and finance at the World Bank Annual Meetings in Bali, Indonesia. … Every three years, the bank’s annual meetings escape Washington, D.C., to a member country’s backyard. In 2021, Morocco will take up the charge, the bank announced on Sunday. By then, we will know even more about the pace of the world’s energy transition, the state of human capital development, the successes and failures of China’s massive infrastructure push, the evolution of the World Bank’s governance structures, and the balance of public and private financing. Here is what we learned this week…” (Edwards/Igoe, 10/15).