Development Aid Critical To Reducing Disparities In Global Health, Eliminating Extreme Poverty

Project Syndicate: The Truth About Development Aid
Mark Suzman, chief strategy officer and president of global policy and advocacy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“…Without aid funding, rising poverty and instability can draw developed countries into faraway conflicts and bring instability to their doorsteps, in the form of immigration and refugee crises, as well as pandemics. By contrast, when aid is used to support rising incomes in developing economies, it can create export-oriented jobs at home. … [D]onor aid remains essential … And make no mistake: despite the tremendous gains of the last couple of decades, much work remains to be done to sustain progress on health and development. … [T]hose of us in the development field must work hard to improve communication with policymakers and the public, demonstrating how development aid works and the progress it has facilitated. … Despite current uncertainties, I am optimistic that progress in global health and development will continue. … I know that the case for development aid is clear and compelling. I believe the world will not turn its back on the historic challenge of reducing disparities in global health, eliminating extreme poverty, and building a more equitable and secure world” (4/3).