Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Outlines Plan To Reset U.S. Foreign Policy In Post-Trump Era, Including Ending Mexico City Policy

Bloomberg: Biden Outlines Plans to Reset U.S. Foreign Policy After Trump
“Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden said Thursday that he would lead a sweeping overhaul of U.S. foreign policy to reverse many of Donald Trump’s actions. … Biden pledged to end a range of Trump policies, including the travel ban halting immigration from a group of mostly Muslim countries, efforts to cut down on asylum applicants, and the global gag rule [also known as the Mexico City policy], which blocks federal [global health] funding for [foreign] nongovernmental organizations that provide services related to abortion…” (Epstein, 7/11).

Vox: Joe Biden wants to restore the pre-Trump world order
“…And he pledged to resume sending substantial foreign aid to the Central American countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to tackle the corruption, violence, and poverty that are forcing thousands to flee to the U.S. border. These are nearly all accomplishments and programs achieved under Obama that Trump has more or less undone. Biden promised to put them back, and then strengthen and adjust from there…” (Kirby, 7/11).