Dallas News Examines History Of PEPFAR’s, Baylor’s Efforts To Address HIV/AIDS In Africa

Dallas News: Fighting AIDS in Africa: How a president’s initiative tamped down an epidemic
“…More than 77 million people have become infected with HIV over the years. Millions more have cared for them. In a plague of this magnitude, is it difficult to find the bright spots, and more difficult still to see how you relate to an HIV patient half a world away. But by examining the impact of a Texas physician and a Texan president’s plan, we can better understand the moral necessity of extending a hand beyond one’s own borders. … Everyday Americans are silent yet vital partners to the researchers, physicians, and governments around the world who joined forces to end a plague. For the last 15 years, American generosity has led what is quite possibly the biggest global health campaign in the history of the world through the taxpayer-funded President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief…” (Hallas/Pool, 11/21).