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CSIS Book Examines Obama Administration’s Health Diplomacy Opportunities

The Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) blog describes a new book (.pdf), titled “The Changing Landscape of Global Health Diplomacy,” that presents analyses of “opportunities for global health diplomacy in Barack Obama’s second term.” The studies, compiled by a CSIS Global Health Policy Center working group, “show that the world of global health diplomacy is quite dynamic at the moment, with new partners setting trends while traditional actors are reconfiguring their views and practices,” according to the blog. “As the Obama administration moves into a second term, there are numerous opportunities for U.S. diplomats to coordinate on global health goals with middle-income countries such as Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and South Korea; to learn more about how Russia and China continue to build their outreach and assistance capacities; and to strengthen existing relationships with Canada, Japan, and Europe to shore up support and innovation in the global commitment to public health,” the blog states (Bliss, 5/2).