Critics Express Frustration Over Canadian PM’s MCH Initiatives

News outlets report on criticism expressed over Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s maternal and child health initiatives, as the country prepares to host the Saving Every Woman Every Child summit.

Canadian Press/Huffington Post Canada: Harper’s Maternal Health Pledge For Poor Countries Polarizes At Home
“One polarizing question will hover over the prime minister Wednesday when he opens his international conference on helping dying kids and mothers in poor countries: does Stephen Harper truly care, or is it just another cynical political ploy?…” (Blanchfield, 5/27).

CBC News: Maternal health spending data plentiful, but not the whole picture
“When it comes to the Muskoka Initiative — Canada’s much-lauded effort to push global action on maternal and child health — the Conservative government has endeavored to be more accountable and transparent than usual, according to a data analyst who’s been keeping his eye on foreign aid spending…” (Do, 5/27).

CTV News: Maternal health: Should Harper focus on First Nations first?
“On the eve of a high-level international summit on maternal and child health being held in Toronto, questions have been raised about Canada’s own infant-health issues on First Nations reserves…” (5/27).

Toronto Star: Critics slam Stephen Harper ahead of maternal health summit
“…In 2010, Canada pledged $2.85 billion which, according to the summit’s website, is being invested in maternal and child health centers in Bangladesh, HIV testing in Ethiopia, and nutrition education in Mali and Mozambique. But there’s no shortage of critics of that spending, for which there is no publicly available accounting and which runs out in 2015…” (Zerbisias, 5/27).