Cost-Benefit Analysis Shows Efforts To Reduce NCD Deaths Deserve ‘Very Serious Consideration’

Huffington Post: Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases to Avoid Premature Deaths
Bjørn Lomborg, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center

“…For the first time, more people in the developing world are now dying from strokes and heart attacks than infectious diseases. … Because the NCDs generally have received less attention, the solutions are often very effective and very cheap. This is the argument made in a new paper written by Rachel Nugent of the University of Washington. It is part of a series commissioned by my think tank, the Copenhagen Consensus Center, from over 60 teams of top economists. The idea is to be able to compare the costs and benefits of a wide range of proposed targets to help the global community set the best targets for the next 15 years to follow the Millennium Development Goals. … The choice that the global community is faced with when agreeing the set of post-2015 goals is not an easy one, but it is vital that the targets included can do the most good and provide good value for money. Based on this analysis, reducing deaths from non-communicable diseases deserves very serious consideration” (7/24).