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Continued Investment Needed To Develop Women-Specific HIV Prevention Tools

Devex: Innovative prevention options for women offer new hope to end HIV and AIDS
Zeda Rosenberg, CEO of the International Partnership for Microbicides

“…Ending AIDS must start with women because they bear the greatest burden. … One major reason is the lack of prevention options that women can use on their own to stay HIV free. … Fortunately, recent scientific innovations offer hope. New HIV prevention tools specifically designed to meet women’s unique needs and different life situations are advancing through research and development. Continued investment in these promising tools could have enormous payoff. … If the world wants to get serious about ending AIDS, we must get serious about improving women’s sexual and reproductive health. Continued investment in scientific innovation for women is an essential step toward a future free of HIV and AIDS — one where women thrive and their communities and nations prosper” (6/10).