Congress Should Pass International Agriculture, Food Security Legislation To Bolster U.S. Programs

Indianapolis Star: U.S. needs to lead in feeding the world
Richard Lugar, former Republican senator from Indiana

“The United States needs to institutionalize a global agriculture and food security strategy across a broad swath of public and private interests. Doing so would build on the progress made in the last two administrations and would pave a way forward to ensuring that chronic hunger is eliminated. This is no small task. But a diverse coalition of conventional and organic producers, ranchers, input suppliers, aggregators, retailers, energy experts, environmentalists, nutrition and public health experts, and international development veterans, in the form of AGree, are joining forces with other leading organizations to make this a reality. … AGree has created a roadmap that charts a path forward. One of its recommendations is to ensure the future viability of U.S. leadership by asking Congress to act on international agriculture and food security legislation…” (11/17).