Congress Should Increase Funding For Food For Peace To Alleviate Middle East Hunger Crises

Huffington Post: Iraq Strategy Should Also Fight Hunger
William Lambers, author and blogger

“…The hunger crisis in Iraq, combined with the food shortages in Syria, is one of the largest humanitarian emergencies since World War II. U.S. leadership is needed to stop a severe hunger emergency from unfolding in Iraq. It’s vital the Congress increase funding for the Food for Peace initiative. This is the main program of the United States for fighting hunger abroad. In addition, the U.S. must encourage and coordinate donations from all capable nations to feed Iraq and other areas in distress. While a strategy for peace in Iraq is still being formed, we already know one ingredient. Food will help write the peace in Iraq. For there cannot be any peace or stability with people starving and malnourished…” (6/15).