Congress Should Grant Obama Trade Promotion Authority To Complete TPP Agreement

USA TODAY: John Kerry & Ash Carter: Congress needs to help American trade grow
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

“…Passing [trade promotion authority (TPA)], as the Senate did last month and the House of Representatives is considering, would give the president the opportunity to complete the Trans Pacific Partnership, one of the largest trade agreements in U.S. history, and encourage progress on a similarly significant pact under negotiation with Europe. As the secretaries of State and Defense, we never forget that our strength abroad ultimately rests on the foundation of our vibrant, unmatched, and growing domestic economy. By lowering trade barriers among countries that make up nearly 40 percent of the global economy, TPP would better connect the United States with economies along the Pacific Rim — from Canada to Japan, and Peru to Australia. … Economically and strategically, the stakes of U.S. leadership on trade will reverberate not only across borders but also across decades. The path toward a more peaceful, prosperous, and fair world begins with passing TPA” (6/8).