Congress Must Prioritize ‘Hunger As A Health Issue’

Huffington Post: A Broader Dialogue: Addressing Hunger for a Healthier Tomorrow
Tony Hall, executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger

“…To address hunger as a health issue, my organization, the Alliance to End Hunger, has joined forces with ProMedica to host the Come to the Table Summit on Feb. 27 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. This half-day event will bring together leaders from health care, Congress, social service agencies, anti-hunger organizations, and government institutions in order to share viewpoints and knowledge, with an end goal of encouraging national health care organizations to be part of the solution to this national problem. It is clear that too many individuals are suffering on a daily basis from preventable, chronic health ailments stemming from malnutrition and lack of access to affordable, nutritious food. We must broaden the dialogue about addressing hunger as a health issue and make it a policy priority within our Congress…” (2/11).