Congress Must No Longer Delay Investments In Zika Response

Los Angeles Times: Congress exploits Zika to loosen pesticide regulations (but won’t pay for an anti-Zika program)
Michael Hiltzik, columnist at the Los Angeles Times

“…The House and Senate haven’t been utterly idle on the Zika front. Their actions have been merely inadequate and cynical. … The consequences of inaction will be stark. Babies born to infected women have a high rate of microcephaly, a physical and neurological condition with lifelong implications. … Cheeseparing budget cutters on Capitol Hill should also contemplate the fiscal implications of a Zika outbreak. … Zika’s medical complications are likely to fall most heavily on the public health programs — read Medicaid — of Southern states. … It’s more likely that the Zika crisis will be a reminder of the old saw that delaying investments now only lead to greater expenses down the line. Will the lesson take?” (5/25).