Comprehensive WASH Targets Essential To Achieve Post-2015 Agenda

Huffington Post: Where Do We Go From Here? WASH in the SDGs
Hanna Woodburn, deputy secretariat director at the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap

“…WASH must be included in mandatory, global-level indicators that address both the availability of facilities in key locations (including households, schools, and health care centers) and promotion of appropriate behaviors to encourage good WASH practices. … The ripple effect of WASH cannot be overstated and it cannot be overlooked. As September approaches, the clock is ticking down not only to the MDG deadline, but also to the opportunity to ensure that the SDGs set us up to make as big of an impact on poverty reduction as possible. Comprehensive goals, targets, and indicators around water, sanitation, and hygiene are essential to making the post-2015 era better than ever before” (6/2).