Commission On Status Of Women Adopts Political Declaration Reaffirming 1995 Beijing Declaration, Platform For Action

AP: Key U.N. body reaffirms 1995 plan to achieve gender equality
“The main U.N. body promoting women’s rights reaffirmed the 1995 road map to achieve gender equality on Monday and pledged to step up implementation amid warnings of rising gender inequality and conservative push-back against its far-reaching agenda. The Commission on the Status of Women adopted a political declaration backing the 150-page platform for action adopted by 189 countries at the 1995 Beijing women’s conference…” (Lederer, 3/9).

U.N. News: Amid COVID-19 constraints, U.N. women’s commission meets to push gender equality forward
“…Member States adopted a Political Declaration in which they pledged to step up action to fully implement the landmark Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action on gender equality, agreed 25 years ago. In his opening address, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres underlined that gender inequality and discrimination against women and girls remain an ‘overwhelming global injustice.’ He said the vision of the Beijing Declaration has only been partly realized as progress has stalled, or even gone into reverse, in some areas…” (3/9).