Collaboration Among Public, Private, Non-Profit Partners Vital To Achieving SDGs

Inter Press Service: Kenya’s Health Sector Challenges Present the Ideal Setting for Creating Shared Value
Siddharth Chatterjee, UNFPA representative to Kenya, and Amit Thakker, chair of the Kenya Healthcare Federation

“…There has never been a better time for partnerships that harness the power of business to drive prosperity by tackling health challenges. … This is the approach that has brought together several public, private, and non-profit partners to reduce illness and deaths among mothers and children in six counties in Kenya. … The partnership seeks to significantly improve health outcomes in the counties, while also potentially creating shared value business opportunities, ensuring a sustained engagement that has a social as well as economic return on investment. … Shared value propositions will enable different sectors to leverage each other’s assets, connections, creativity, and expertise to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. We must continue finding new and creative ways to increase collaboration between government, the private sector, and non-profits if we hope to reach Sustainable Development Goals” (8/10).