Children Affected By Ebola In Liberia Need Protection, Support Services

Huffington Post: In Liberia, Children Affected by Ebola Need Our Support
George Kordahi, national director of SOS Children’s Villages in Liberia

“…The [Ebola] outbreak has been a tragedy for all of us, but especially for Liberia’s most vulnerable children. Children and youth were and continue to be in desperate need of protection. While visiting poverty-stricken communities in Monrovia, I have met with children who have lost their parents and are in need of care. To help address the needs of these children, we worked with the Ministry of Health and other nongovernmental organizations to establish Interim Care Centers to provide them with temporary care and psychosocial support. These interventions are a much-needed first step on the road to ensuring that all the affected children receive the services and support they need to overcome this trauma. … As we work together to eradicate Ebola, it is critical that we continue to provide these children with the protection they need to survive and thrive in their communities” (3/27).