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CHANGE, Other Groups Work To Highlight Little-Known Exceptions To Mexico City Policy

NPR: Trump’s Ban On Funding For Overseas Abortions Has Some Little-Known Exceptions
“…Trump’s version [of the Mexico City policy] is far more sweeping. Rather than limiting the ban to U.S. aid for family planning services, Trump has for the first time applied it to aid for virtually all global health services, including HIV treatment and prevention. Meaning if any health service also provides information on abortion, it can’t get U.S. funding. … Less well-known is that the administration has actually included several exceptions to the policy — essentially a list of conditions under which a group that accepts U.S. aid money can still refer clients to an abortion provider. Now several advocacy groups that oppose the policy are trying to spread the word. Among them is the Washington, D.C.-based group Center for Health and Gender Equity, or CHANGE, which released this month a report that includes an analysis of these exceptions…” (Aizenman, 6/13).