CDC, Other U.S. Agencies, Partners Assisting Post-Hurricane Haiti; Clean Water, Sanitation Priorities In Light Of Cholera

CDC’s “Our Global Voices”: Hurricane Matthew and Haiti: Putting CDC Expertise to Work
Jordan Tappero, director of the CDC’s Division of Global Health Protection (DGHP), discusses the mobilization of the CDC’s Global Rapid Response Team, along with other U.S. agencies and private partners. Tappero writes, “All of these groups are focused on bringing humanitarian assistance to people in desperate need, including those affected by cholera, those who may have lost their homes, or those looking for lost family members. Others are working to provide clean water and shelter and to repair roads and infrastructure so that supplies and relief can be delivered. … The CDC team in Haiti is working especially hard on providing clean water and adequate sanitation, as well as monitoring for the disease…” (10/19).