Cancer Experts Release 10 Recommendations For U.S. Cancer Moonshot Initiative

CQ News: Cancer Panel Approves ‘Moonshot’ Recommendations
“Advisers to the National Cancer Institute approved recommendations Wednesday from scientists working with President Barack Obama’s cancer moonshot initiative that suggest harnessing the genomic information of cancer patients to create a national clinical trial network…” (Williams, 9/7).

Nature: Cancer experts unveil wishlist for U.S. government ‘moonshot’
“Advisers to the U.S. Cancer Moonshot Initiative have produced a wide-ranging laundry list of research targets for the project — even as its funding remains uncertain. The 10 recommendations released on 7 September include the launch of a national clinical trial network specifically targeted at therapies that harness the immune system, and the creation of a 3D cancer atlas to catalogue how a tumor interacts with neighboring normal cells…” (Ledford, 9/7).

Science: Blue ribbon report urges U.S. cancer moonshot to invest in 10 promising areas
“…[U.S. Vice President Joe] Biden first proposed a moonshot to cure cancer last year after his son Beau died of brain cancer. President Barack Obama embraced the idea in his January State of the Union address, with Biden vowing to make a decade’s worth of advances in five years. To help guide the effort, a 28-member blue ribbon panel of NCI’s National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) then consulted with more than 150 experts and reviewed more than 1,600 suggestions from researchers and the public…” (Kaiser, 9/7).

Washington Post: Cancer ‘moonshot’ panel names top 10 ways to speed progress against the disease
“…The panel’s report comes at a time of uncertainty. Federal officials are well aware that there is still skepticism about the moonshot effort in many parts of the science community. Moreover, many of the ideas highlighted Wednesday would require millions — if not hundreds of millions — of dollars in additional funding, but Congress has not yet approved any extra spending specifically for the moonshot…” (McGinley, 9/7).