Canada’s Increased Global Fund Pledge Shows Leadership, Support For Feminist International Aid Policy

Edmonton Journal: Opinion: Fighting global disease can also help transform women’s lives
Chitra Ramaswami and Randy Rudolph, partners with Results Canada in Calgary
“The prime minister’s recent announcement of a close to 16 percent increase in support for the Global Fund is good news for Canada and the world. Canada has pledged $930.4 million over the next three years. … For its sixth replenishment cycle, the Global Fund has asked for renewed funding of US$14 billion in order to step up the fight over the next three years. Canada has responded generously to the call. In doing so, it has stood by its proclaimed feminist international assistance policy. Women and girls suffer disproportionately in the three great epidemics. … Following Canada’s announcement, during the G7 Summit in France, global leaders from Germany, Italy, and the E.U. announced similar increases in funding. We should not underestimate Canada’s ability to lead by example as a caring and compassionate democracy” (9/4).