Canada PM Trudeau Condemns Politicians Campaigning To Reverse Women’s Rights Worldwide In Speech At Women Deliver

The Telegraph: Justin Trudeau says ‘gender equality is under attack’ in swipe at Donald Trump
“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned politicians who give into growing pressure and ‘shamelessly campaign’ to reverse women’s rights around the world, in a thinly veiled swipe on the policies of his neighbor Donald Trump. Speaking at the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver — dubbed the world’s largest event on women’s health and equality, with some 8,000 attendees — the Canadian prime minister criticized the global ‘pushback’ against women’s rights. … Mr. Trudeau made his comments on the same day as the launch of a report on gender equality around the world which found that no country is on track to achieve this by 2030. Some 40 per cent of the world’s girls and women – 1.4 billion – live in countries failing on gender equality. … Mr. Trudeau was not alone in condemning a darkening global environment for women, a major talking point at the conference. In particular, concerns about the long-term consequences of the U.S. government’s controversial ‘global gag rule’ are rife…” (Newey, 6/4).