Campaigners Urge For Access To Hepatitis C Drugs In Poor Countries

The Guardian: New hepatitis C drugs must be affordable worldwide, say campaigners
“There are 185 million people in the world chronically infected with hepatitis C virus, which attacks the liver and can cause liver cancer and cirrhosis. … But with most of the sufferers in middle-income countries and prices being set at very high levels for these new drugs, those who watched the delay in getting HIV treatment to poor countries think it is time to start agitating for access to these medicines in countries that will not find them easily affordable. Médecins du Monde, in a new report, says we must learn the lessons from HIV. ‘New Treatments for Hepatitis C virus: Strategies for Achieving Universal Access’ looks at the need and what companies like Gilead say they will do about it…” (Boseley, 3/17).