Building Intergenerational Synergies In Health Will Strengthen Future Generations

Huffington Post: The Third Demographic Dividend and the Global Challenge of Longer Lives
Linda Fried, dean and DeLamer professor of public heath at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

“…In many countries the older adults are the best educated, healthiest, and wealthiest in the history of the world. … [T]hose benefits can be amplified further to enrich all generations … [by] investing in the old to help the young — and our whole society — to succeed, and designing institutions that create roles, responsibilities, meaning, and purpose for older age. It will also require investing in health and disease prevention across the whole life course, so that people are healthier in old age and able to remain engaged. Through these approaches, we will create the pathways to help young people be healthier and more productive for the long haul — and we will be designing for a new stage of life we have created, but never lived before…” (6/24).