Brookings Institution Experts Examine Global Impact Bond Market Developments Of 2017, Beyond

Brookings Institution: Paying for social outcomes: A review of the global impact bond market in 2017
Emily Gustafsson-Wright, fellow in global economy and development at the Brookings’ Center for Universal Education, and Izzy Boggild-Jones, research analyst at Brookings, examine the social and development impact bonds market, providing “a snapshot of what we have seen this year, as well as where we see the field moving.” The authors note, “This year [2017] saw considerable growth of impact bonds in the health sector, with eight new impact bonds contracted — more than half of the total impact bonds for health contracted to date. These included an impact bond for maternal and newborn health in Rajasthan, and an impact bond in the Netherlands for re-integrating cancer patients into the workforce…” (1/17).