Brookings Institution Analysis Examines Profitability Of New Drug Development For Neglected Diseases

Brookings Institution’s “TechTank”: Are drugs for neglected diseases profitable?
Jake Schneider, research assistant, and Jeremy Barofsky, non-resident fellow in governance studies, both with Brookings, discuss their new analysis in which they examine the profitability of new drugs for neglected diseases “using various incentive mechanisms.” They write, “Ultimately, we recommend necessary policy proposals to improve what portents a potential crisis in global health: 1. Alignment of public funding with the public benefit; 2. Private sector late-stage investment and risk sharing; 3. Public funding coordination and stewardship; 4. Advanced market commitments for hookworm and schistosomiasis; 5. Tiered [priority review vouchers (PRV)] based on social return and clinical stage; 6. Targeted domestic resource mobilization…” (12/19).