Broad Application Of Community-Based Approaches Will Help Achieve AIDS-Free Generation

Huffington Post: In It Together — Towards An AIDS-Free Generation
Joia Mukherjee, chief medical officer at Partners In Health and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School

“…To achieve [the] ambitious goal [of an AIDS-free generation] there is much hard work to do. We need to build on a foundation of medical advances by building a layer of community-focused outreach that targets and treats not just the disease, but the social determinants that enable it. … To reach this ambitious goal, a broader application of proven community-based approaches — with a focus on testing, treatment, and prevention — is critical. … Our collective efforts to combat this epidemic must account for the underlying conditions that facilitate its deadly spread. [Partners in Health (PIH)] provides a voice and a model for reaching the world’s most vulnerable HIV patients based on a community-focused, rights-based, and equity-driven agenda. By applying these strategies more broadly, we are convinced that the elusive goal of a generation free of HIV/AIDS is within reach” (12/2).