Botswana High Court Unanimously Overturns Colonial-Era Laws Criminalizing Homosexuality

New York Times: Botswana’s High Court Decriminalizes Gay Sex
“Botswana’s High Court ruled on Tuesday to overturn colonial-era laws that criminalized homosexuality, a decision hailed by activists as a significant step for gay rights on the African continent. … Three judges voted unanimously to revoke the laws, which they said conflicted with Botswana’s Constitution…” (de Greef, 6/11).

Washington Post: Botswana legalizes homosexuality, striking down colonial-era laws
“…Reading the unanimous ruling of a panel of judges in front of a packed courtroom, Justice Michael Leburu said that sexual orientation ‘is not a fashion statement’ and that the laws as they stood violated citizens’ rights to privacy and freedom from discrimination. While seldom enforced in Botswana, the laws carried the possibility of up to a seven-year jail sentence…” (Bearak, 6/11).

Additional coverage of the Botswana High Court ruling is available from Al Jazeera, Associated Press, BBC News, CNN, and The Guardian.