BMJ Analysis Raises Questions Regarding Advice To Finish Treatment Courses Of Antibiotics

CNN: Researchers question whether you should really finish your antibiotics
“The standing argument that failing to complete a course of antibiotics could fuel the rise of antibiotic resistance has little evidence, a group of United Kingdom researchers argue in a new paper. In an analysis published in the medical journal the BMJ on Thursday, they say that completing a course of antibiotics may instead increase the risk of resistance…” (Rahim, 7/27).

The Guardian: Rule that patients must finish antibiotics course is wrong, study says
“…[T]he experts say ‘the idea that stopping antibiotic treatment early encourages antibiotic resistance is not supported by evidence, while taking antibiotics for longer than necessary increases the risk of resistance’…” (Boseley, 7/26).

Washington Post: New debate on antibiotics: Do you really need to take the full course?
“…Several infectious disease experts agreed these are questions worth asking, but that it’s premature to drop the decades-old advice…” (Cha, 7/27).