Blogs, Statements, Letters Address Various Issues Related To COVID-19 Pandemic

BMJ Opinion: Patients in Pakistan are actively participating in relief activities during the covid-19 pandemic
Hussain Jafri, vice chair of the Advisory Group of the WHO PFPS program (5/12).

Center for Global Development: The Indirect Health Effects of COVID-19: Disrupted and Suspended Health Services
Lydia Regan, research assistant, and Y-Ling Chi, senior policy analyst, both with CGD (5/12).

Gates Notes: Scanning for answers to a pandemic
Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (5/12).

IntraHealth International’s “VITAL”: A Nurse’s View from the Front Lines of COVID-19 in Namibia
Irine Chelag’at Birir, nurse mentor, and Katherine Seaton, former editorial officer for IntraHealth International (5/12).

PAHO: PAHO Director asks countries to address health, social and economic emergencies together, as COVID-19 expands in the Americas (5/12).

Physicians for Human Rights: Open letter from PHR to the Government of Myanmar to Protect Ethnic Minorities from COVID-19 (5/12).

Research!America: Research!America letter (5/12).

UNAIDS: United Nations agencies coordinate their COVID-19 response in South Africa (5/12).

U.N. Dispatch: How Will COVID-19 Impact Africa? The WHO Releases Pandemic Projections
Joanne Lu, freelance journalist (5/12).

UNICEF: As COVID-19 devastates already fragile health systems, over 6,000 additional children under five could die a day, without urgent action (5/12).

World Bank: Investing in medical laboratory networks: Will COVID-19 (coronavirus) be a wake-up call?
Miriam Schneidman, lead health specialist with the World Bank Africa Region (5/12).

WHO: People living longer and healthier lives but COVID-19 threatens to throw progress off track (5/13).